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Gigantic Pictures was formed by entertainment veterans Edward and Rochelle Bates to produce high quality, commercial films with a focus on delivering production values comparable to studio films at independent film budgets. Gigantic has recently broadened its focus to include the marketing of high quality niche films that lend themselves to low-cost viral marketing strategies. These strategies communicate directly with the consumer, distribute the films, ancillary products and events directly to its audience.

Edward and Rochelle are experienced, hands-on producers, supervising every aspect of the filmmaking process from development thru post. In addition, they have a proven ability to attract significant projects and major talent: THE LAST TIME I COMMITTED SUICIDE, starred Keanu Reeves, Adrian Brody and Thomas Jane; FALL TIME, starred Mickey Rourke and David Arquette; and KINGDOM COME, starring Whoopi Goldberg, LL Cool, Cedric The Entertainer and Jada Pinkett Smith.

KINGDOM COME was produced for Fox Searchlight Pictures in 2001 and briefly became the highest grossing original film for Searchlight. Its success has led to an ongoing creative partnership between Ed and Rochelle and Fox Searchlight. In 2008, Ed produced the Los Angeles shoot of NOTORIOUS for Fox Searchlight.

The Bates’ formed a successful literary management company (1997 to 2007.) selling screenplays to 20th Century Fox, Fox Searchlight, Warner Brothers, Universal, Paramount, MTV, and many other buyers.

In 2007, The Bates’ became successful television executive producers with their mini-series event, FALLEN, staring Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad). FALLEN earned high ratings as the #1 cable film during both of the nights it aired on ABC Family.

In 2011: FIX – the extreme backstage documentary on industrial metal band Ministry’s fall from grace, and ELECTRIC DAISY CARNIVAL EXPERIENCE MOVIE featuring the world’s most prominent djs at the world’s most immersive electronic dance music festival.

In 2012: Ed Bates wrote and directed a  short film entitled THE GINGERBREAD GIRL and  

So far in 2013: We developed a screenplay from Laurie Lindeen’s autobiography entitled PETAL PUSHER: A ROCK N ROLL CINDERELLA STORY and an untitled action film.  Slated for production are IN THE LAKE written by Sam Montgomery (Breakdown & 24), Petal Pusher and our untitled action film. 



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